two to tango is a Brussels-based graphic design studio.

We come from two different worlds, Anaïs from architecture and Antoine from music. These two worlds come together to lead to a well-paced creative dialogue. When it comes to graphic design, it takes two to tango.
A conversation between you and us.

Through a process of dialogue and consensus, we answer our client’s needs by listening their requirements and transforming them in an appropriate response. Collecting, arranging and editing is what we do in graphic design. We translate it through our design to create the link between our clients and their audience.

We would love to hear your story and imagine a personal way of telling it.
The aim of our job is to help you convey your message and to communicate who you are. It could become a book, an exhibition, an identity, a website, an album cover, a poster.

You can fight like a champ by yourself
You can lick any stamp by yourself
You can be very brave on the phone
A lots of things that you can do alone

You can stare at the moon by yourself
Take a laugh like a loon by yourself
Spend a lot, go to pot on your own
There's a lot of things that you can do alone.

But it takes two to tango
Two to really get the feeling of romance.
(Hoffman & Manning)

Brussels, Belgium